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​​​Welcome to WILDcoRE™ Movement

EARTH Element

*Are you ready to deepen your understanding of the medicine of the 5 Elements within your body, energy and relations?

*Do you want to learn to be an artist of your expressive body?

*Are you ready to discover the untamed qualities of your wild core?

*Do you want to experience weaving choreography and conscious dance?

*Would you like to invite in the sacred wild feminine for yourself and as a space holder for others?

*Would you like to increase your movement vocabulary and somatic language?


If most of these are a 'yes' then I would love to invite you to read further and ponder the possibility of joining us at the Eureka Retreat Center this Spring.

Creative Empowerment is a pre-requisite for the WildCore™ Teacher Certification.


Creative Empowerment will open the wellspring of your inner, authentic, creative juice, and balance it with the power you will embody after these 5 days of dance & somatic education. Leaving you with personal tools, experiences and a connection to your wild core's wisdom.

Each day will focus on one of the 5 Elements. EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER & SPACE. The energy and quality of the element will be infused in the choreography, conscious dance, alter building and dance ritual.  Balancing the elements is a part of our daily rhythm as humans whether we are conscious of it or not. They make up the chemistry of our physical bodies, influence the balance of our chakra system (energy body) and can be very useful and fun to use as metaphor.

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Below I have included a quick outline of the 5 element medicine we will study.


Fire Element

*Muscle, Metabolism, Inner Inspiration

*3rd Chakra-Solar Plexus--Will & Determination

*Dance Ritual-Trust

*Pranic Wheels and Energy Hygiene

*How can we develop a healing focus?

*Fire Ceremony & Transformation 

*Tending the Heart Fire

Water Element

Fluid Power wakes us up to the bio intelligence of the body.  Being made up of over 75% water our body's fluid is a great conduit for sharing information. As we dance we begin to understand the language that is felt rather than heard, creating currents of resiliency, expression and self healing. 

*2nd Chakra-Emotions, Passion, Pleasure, Fears

*Psoas Education and Exploration

*Fluid Spine-linking us to our ocean roots

Air & Space Elements

Air-4th Chakra-Anahata-Heart Center

*Exploring chest and shoulder girdle

*Breath: 7-8-7 , breath of fire 

*Heart/Brain Coherency 

*Developing our wings-freedom

Space-Upper Chakras

*Creating sacred space

*Proprioception in joints, knowing where we are in space

*Goddess Bhuvaneshwati- Infinite Space

*Inner Ear, Vestibular System

*Intuition, Inspiration

Creative Empowerment

5 Day Retreat

May 4-9th 2018

w. Brietta Leader

at The Eureka Retreat Center

*Gravity: building a sense of landing in the body

*Alignment: Letting our bones support us

​*Engage our physical form through dance technique

*1st Chakra-Roots, Sciatic Nerve, Foundation, Feet, Knee, Hip Socket

*Differences and similarities of dancers and yogis.